Linux Hosting Service Datacenters

We’ve been employing a group of Datacenters located on a couple of continents.

We have now assembled our personal hosting platform for your ever–demanding web sites and applications. It was actually designed to keep apps, email messages and databases using a few machines instead of just 1, so that you never get influenced by server load issues!

We have got created a new method for doing appointed maintenances in order to eliminate ensuing downtimes. What is more, we’ve got increased our network bandwidth to 10 Gbps, which means better server connectivity and therefore superior rates for your personal websites.

An Innovative Hosting Platform

We’ve assembled a completely resourceful, genuine Linux hosting service platform that’s actually user friendly and simple to regulate. It’s assembled on top of a highly customized version of SELinux, a security–enhanced version of Linux.

In this way, we’ve essentially minimized the risk of our platform being contaminated by a virus and other malware to absolutely none. And, additionally, everything operates on a top–notch hardware setup, developed with tested & well–performing hardware elements in order to limit the likelihood of a hardware malfunction.

The best aspect of our hosting platform is definitely its scalability. As soon as you require more resources – you’ll have all of them right away. Any time we should incorporate more physical machines, we just hook up the units to our own network and they’ll promptly start working.

Our hosting platform operates properly and it matters not what websites or applications are hosted on it or the active visitors. Whether or not there is a DoS attack – your website will remain on the web and your web applications will continue to be active. You may enjoy 99.9% server uptime warranty and a risk–free Linux hosting service while focusing only on making your website load considerably better.